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A mission-critical new direction

More than a one-off event, Design Council’s Design for Planet Festival at V&A Dundee was not only an opportunity to put a stake in the ground about an issue crucial to humanity, it was also a fresh chance to connect with UK designers.

With no advertising budget and tight timelines, press outreach and social media played a crucial role in the wider comms mix – and all this during COP26.

Our mission was to drive engagement, secure registrations to the virtual festival and lay the groundwork for new collaborations with media and potential partner organisations.

In the lead up to and around the Festival, Design for Planet was featured in Creative Review, Design Week, Dezeen, Architect’s Journal and in Scotland with STV, The Scotsman and local media.

The online Festival was attended by 5,000 people and social media engagement was some of the highest Design Council had seen with overwhelmingly positive sentiment.

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